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Featured Bear #2 

Name:  Stewart aka Tomato Bear               Email Address:
 P1010298.jpg (164567 bytes)    Located:  Northern California
     Age:  35
     Height:  5'8"
     Weight: 250
     Hair:  Auburn
     Eyes:  Gray
     Marital Status:  Attached
     Hobbies:  Photography, scuba diving, hiking, gardening and the company of a few close friends.



Stewart says:  Hi!  My name is Stewart.  I am a happily partnered red bear living in Northern California.  I am involved with agriculture in the State, and sometimes get to go to Australia (were I can scuba dive on my days off!).  I also enjoy nature photography, gardening and my valued friends and coworkers. 

I am not on the computer all of the time, but I do enjoy meeting new people so feel free to drop me a line if you like.

I had fun visiting with Lynn, who coaxed me (like he had to twist my arm?) in to doing this g-rated photo shoot.  Oh well.....  I trust you Lynn....

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