Hairrison St. Bear Fair 2004

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Something Brand New!  Envisioned by some local San Francisco Bear's feeling the need for a South of Market event just for BEARS and out of  the shadows of Dore Alley and Folsom Street Fairs, from nothing came a busy and festive August weekend anchored around the Lone Star Saloon and Best Western Inn -- something far exceeding the expectations of the organizers - the first annual Hairrison Street Bear Fair!  A bit care worn for my trip to Key West the prior weekend, I only made the final street fair portion of this great weekend Sunday afternoon (I have the parking ticket to prove it!).  What I walked into was a bustling city block of bears enjoying stage groups, dancing, themed booths, games, hot dogs and beer all on a perfect sunny San Francisco afternoon.  So these are my pictures of that time having missed all of the other events Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Check out their web page for many more photos and stay tuned for what likely will be the first of many Hairrison Street Fairs!  More than 5,000 attended across the weekend for this volunteer-driven charitable event.



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Harrison 2004

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