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Name:  Chaz 


Email Address:   


     Located:  Seattle, WA
     Age:  31
     Height:  6'0" er... (5'11 1/2")
     Weight: 265, subject to change without notice.
     Hair:  Brown
     Eyes:  Primarily brown, sometimes hazel.
     Marital Status:  single
     Hobbies: Travel, Dining out, Video editing, my digital camera, computers, men, and my friends.

     Dislikes: When guys answer an ad without a photo... come on you've seen mine.


Chaz says:


I'm not going to write anything here I wouldn't want my mother to see. You never know when you are going to get googled...(Hi mom.)


I've never been good at writing this sort of fluff (especially about myself) but here goes... I moved to San Francisco, from the Russian River in May of 2, so I am trying to make new friends in the area. I'm mostly a shy/bashful type who doesn't start a conversation with a stranger easily, so that makes it somewhat difficult for me. I don't cruise well at all, and have a heck of a good poker face.


I'm just an average guy who enjoys a good joke and a razor sharp whit. I find that I gravitate toward those who are intelligent, but kind. Like they say "Mean people suck."


I'm an aspiring outdoorsman, and enjoy hiking and seeing the area parks and stuff. This makes a great first date. Aren't we all tired of the dinner and movie drill?


To win bread and honey I arrange loans for home owners and buyers. Thought about refinancing?


So that is a little about me. If I did'nt answer your burning question, just ask (except you mom).












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