ShutterBear presents:

The Featured Bear! 

 Periodically, I will feature a photo set of a bear or a couple, which likely will include a personal ad and contact information if the guy wants to offer that.  This is my whim; featured bears appear at my pleasure.  Photos will always be pictures I have taken, and while they hopefully will be woofy and sexy, they generally will not contain full nudity.  Not all Featured Bears are single.  So set your expectations accordingly. 

SO: Meet my 26th Featured Bear: MARK   <<New as of July, 2008 (but taken in 2005)

Meet my 24th and 25th Featured Bears: STEVE BritBear & JEFF  <<New as of August 2, 2004  [Also see Steve as  Featured Bear 7]

Meet my 22nd and 23rd Featured Bears: JEFF & ROB  <<New as of July 22, 2004  [Also see Jeff in Featured Bears 4/5]

Meet my 21st  Featured Bear: RYLAND  <<New as of March 18, 2004

Meet my 19th & 20h Featured Bears: BOB & JEFF  <<New as of January 30, 2004

Meet my 17th & 18th Featured Bears: TIM & MATT  <<New as of August 13, 2003

Meet my 16th Featured Bear: JASON  <<New as of August 10, 2003

Meet my 15th Featured Bear: DARWIN  <<New as of February 9, 2003

Meet my 14th Featured Bear: ALASKA BILL  <<New as of January 31, 2003

Meet my 13th Featured Bear: CHARLES  <<New as of August 20, 2002.

Meet my 12th Featured Bear: CHAZ  <<New as of June 29, 2002.  NEW PHOTOS AS OF AUGUST, 2003

Meet my 11th Featured Bear: DESERT BEAR MICHAEL  <<In Memoriam to my Friend and Pal - 2007

Meet my 10th Featured Bear: MIKE in the Redwoods  <<New as of March 31, 2002.

Meet my 9th Featured Bear: CORLISS  <<New as of February 2002.

Meet my 8th Featured Bear:  PAUL <<New as of January 2002.

Meet My 7th Featured Bear:  STEVE the BritBear NEW PHOTOS AS OF AUGUST, 2003

Meet My 6th Featured Bear:  FRED -- the BigOzBear.

Meet my 4th & 5th Featured Bears: STEVE & JEFF.

Meet my 3rd Featured Bear:  JACK. NEW PHOTOS AS OF JULY 2008, taken in late 2007.

Meet my 2nd Featured Bear:  STEWART.

Meet my First Featured Bear:   KEITH (Bio Updated  February, 2003!)



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