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Name:  STEVE (aka BritBear)

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     Located:  Seattle, Washington
     Age:  36
     Height:  5'11"
     Weight: 299# and falling...
     Hair: none, dark brown, light brown, red... depends where you look :)
     Eyes:  no idea
     Marital Status: Happily Partnered with Jeff
     Hobbies:  Writing websites, listening to music (of *all* kinds), and meeting cool people that have a passion for life.

Steve says:  I'm in a long term relationship, but I always like meeting new friends in Canada and the US.  I like'em strong and muscular, smart and funny.


[See Steve as Featured Bear 7]



Name:  Jeff

Email Address:
     Located:  Seattle, Washington
     Age:  30
     Height:  5'11"
     Weight: 235
     Hair:  Brown
     Eyes:  Hazel
     Marital Status:  Happily Partnered with Steve

Jeff says:  Hobbies: I like listening to all kinds of music. Sleeping in on the weekends (though donít get to much). I enjoy playing softball during the year and play on a competitive gay team that has made it to the nagaa world series the last two years. I enjoy working out and lifting weights. I am currently employed with an insurance company working on fire related homeowners claims typically total losses of homes. I spent two years in Guatemala and speak read and write Spanish fluently. I like to read sci fiction and especially fantasy books. And I go see a lot of movie. Current favorite "I, Robot". Pretty average guy here




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