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Featured Bear #3

Name:  Jack               Email Address:    JACK
   217 JB 26.jpg (84596 bytes)  Located:  Northern California
     Age:  29  [33 in 2004)
     Height:  5'6"
     Weight: 230
     Hair:  Light Brown
     Eyes:  Hazel
     Marital Status:  Available
     Hobbies:  Working Out, Photography, Sunbathing, and most recently Hot Yoga.

    Jack says:    Jack here.  I am a 29 year old cub recently unemployed (Bay Area Technology layoffs, you know...).  I live on the San Mateo Coast south of San Francisco, which allows me easy access to one of my keen interests -- sunbathing and beachcombing (!) on the Pacific Coast.  I also enjoy reading (I particularly like history and mysteries), photography (on both sides of the camera, duh!), eating out well, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I can be playful and affectionate with the right person.  And although I can be quite the exhibitionist, I am really rather shy.


Update: Photos taken in late 2007:




Update: A Few New Photos, October, 2004:


Original Photo Set:

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 217 JB 28.jpg (164969 bytes)  217 JB 29.jpg (155400 bytes)  217 JB 31.jpg (151197 bytes)  217 JB 34.jpg (159748 bytes) 

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